Mike and I just wanted to say thank you for everything. The flowers were perfect. They definitely brought a lot of color to that dreary day. We didn't notice, as we were both so excited, but it was quite stormy outside on May 18th. Your flowers were everything we'd hoped - simple yet elegant, bright and anything but traditional. Kudos to you for a job well done! You definitely made planning everything easier.

Best wishes and thanks again.

Lisa and Mike


Working with Brenda to coordinate the flowers for my wedding was the easiest part of the entire wedding! We only began to plan the July 29, 2001 wedding in mid June. I am from Pennsylvania, and we planned to be married at the Nubble Lighthouse in Maine. Brenda made my life so much easier by corresponding through e-mail, this way, I was able to communicate with her from home and work.

Brenda had sooo many wonderful suggestions! You only plan your own wedding once, but Brenda has done many from big to small, from elaborate to casual. (She does dog collars also). Anyway, all Brenda had to work with for my wedding was a brief description of my dress and that I wanted the flowers to have a wonderful smell, and oh boy did they ever. I believe the smell of my flowers will be the most memorable moment of my wedding day! I like my bouquet so much that I had it made into a dried flower wreath, so I can see it everyday.

Brenda was very prompt in answering my e-mails, and was very flexible with the delivery time and place. Not one thing went wrong, she made it so simple.

I had a monochromatic nosegay with blue curiosa roses, lavender, purple scabiosa and lavender english stock. All tied together with a cream ribbon and exposed stems....it was beautiful! I cannot say enough good things about choosing Brenda's Bloomers; the time and money she saved me allowed me to plan other things for my wedding, and enjoy the day that much more. Also, the flowers were and will continue to be my most wonderful memory of my wedding day.

Robin Rosendale
Pittsburgh, PA


"I had the pleasant opportunity to work closely with Brenda during the few months prior my wedding at Glen Magna Farms Estate, Danvers MA on September 01, 2000. I found her to be very knowledgeable with the various flower species, colors, and what flower species would hold up best in bouquets versus table arrangements.

She was very flexible with the times that we could meet to discuss my floral designs and needs. I found her to be very enthusiastic throughout the design process. Even with my request for repeat meetings to review photos of flower arrangements that I thought would be ideal.

Brenda offers many options for arrangement styles, containers and accent ribbons and was open to create arrangements in special containers, which I provided. She was also terrific in assisting me in finding accessories along with creating a beautifully unique floral wreath for the tables with candle centerpieces.

Her bouquets are very dynamic with color and texture. I received many compliments from my guests regarding how unique the flowers within the arrangement were. Many commented "It was as if Brenda picked them from a Victorian garden." You will find her arrangements to include an abundance of flowers within them as well as the floral arrangements longevity being quite impressive.

I would say Brenda is one who truly loves her work and I highly recommend Brenda’s Bloomers for your current floral needs."


Dianne A. Dunnell
Somerville, MA

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